Making the case for the ‘Baby Wipe.’ The world’s best invention.

It was one of those mornings. I can still remember getting ready for
work and preparing to leave the house, when my then 6-month-
old had what we affectionately referred to as a ‘Blowout’. A ‘Blow-
out’ is not your ordinary BM. Its the kind that blew through his
diaper, under the seams of his little pants and straight-up his back,
mandating the use of tongs, goggles and a face mask! Now under
normal circumstances, my preferred method of cleaning the little
guy would involve warm soapy water, complete with “goo-goos”
and “ga-gas,” but the reality was that our little episode could not
be more inopportune. So, with little time to spare and the clock
ticking away, I reached for that good ole Pamper Wipe.

These days my boys (now 9 and 11), are fast becoming better
at cleaning up after themselves. And by that I mean they no
longer ignore a spill in my presence, but instead glance at me
with the, “Do I have to clean that up?” look, all while begrudgingly
proceeding to grab a wipe from the dispenser. I marvel at how
far they’ve come, but must admit we still have a ways to go –
the wipes must be visible and nearby to be utilized. If not, all bets
are off!

For this very reason, I’m always sure to keep wipes on hand
during car rides to and from school, baseball practice, play
dates and so on. If you’ve ever ridden a car with young people
under 12, then you know that accidents and spills are prone
to happen. Whether its a stain, the need to wipe a crumby
mouth, or even a lip-gloss smudge on your pants, Pampers
Baby Wipes are particularly useful and should be in every
moms arsenal of handy dandy clean up tools.

As for the boys, I’m still working on them. But as you can see
they are getting better, or at least that’s what I tell myself…
Thank you Pampers, for creating neater and cleaner little boys.

Let’s live wise and explore motherhood. . .together.


8 great uses for the handy dandy wipe!

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