Team USA Moms Celebrate Winning the Gold with Their kids

Amy Rodriguez, Shannon Boxx and Christie Rampone all share two things
in common. For starters they are members of The US Women’s Soccer
Team but more importantly they are moms. See them here as they cele-
brate becoming World Champions in the only way they would have it:
with their kids by their sides.

Naturally, the long hours of practice and grueling schedules in prepara-
tion for the match, affected the time spent with their children…

Rampone told the Guardian before last night’s win about the change in
scheduling during World Cup season: “I see them every day . . . We have
friends-and-family time that we can go out and see them for an hour or
two and then come back and take care of ourselves. We work so hard,
and we don’t want to have any distractions. You put four years into it
and you get here and it’s like, this is what you work so hard for.”

Well, while all of the hard work and sacrifice has paid off, what we truly
love is seeing these mom’s celebrate with their little ones. Just scroll be-
low to see how theses adorable youngsters celebrate bringing home the
gold with their moms.

Kuddos Ladies!