Get Outside! With This Easy To Make Confetti Kite


Kites are a fond memory of my youth. When I was little, we would vacation
in Myrtle beach and dad always brought a kite. We would spend lots of time
on the beach and when we weren’t swimming we were flying kites in the
ocean breeze. Now that I’m a mom, it is my hope to foster fond memories of
his youth with my son, and while store bought kites can get expensive, making
them can be cost-effective, loads of fun and a great way of creating lasting
memories with your little one— Not only flying kites but also creating them.

Here is what you need:
clear contact paper
white duck tape
1/4″ dowel rods (3)
Parachute cord
tissue paper (various colors)


Step One: Cut one 21″ and one 15″ dowel rod. Lay them in a cross shape
with the horizontal dowel 5″ from the top of the vertical dowel. Rip off a
piece of Duck tape 3″ long, then rip it into thirds (approx 1/2″ wide) so
that your strips are thinner. Secure the dowels where they cross by wrap-
ping the joint with tape. Cut dowels to connect the four points and secure
with tape.


Step Two: Cut a piece of contact paper large enough to cover the kite.
Remove the backing and lay sticky side up on your work surface. Cut
squares out of various color tissue paper and arrange them on the
contact paper.


For the example shown we did a cascading confetti look by making the
confetti denser at the top and then fading off as the confetti goes down
the contact paper.


Step Three:
Cut another piece of contact paper the same size as the previous
piece. Roll the paper the reverse direction to flatten out the paper. Remove
the paper back, line up the edges and slowly stick the contact paper onto the
decorated piece to seal the design in place. **take your time, kids will need
adult assistance because you cant redo once they stick together. You will
want no air bubbles.


Step Four: Lay the dowel frame onto the contact paper and cut around the
perimeter. Rip a piece of tape the length of the side. Then rip the tape down
the length so that they are 1/2″ in width. Tape the contact paper to the frame
by taping along the front of the paper and wrapping it around onto the back
of the frame. Repeat to all edges, securing them in place.


Step Five: Cut a 15″ piece of parachute cord. Tie one end to the top and one
end to the bottom of the vertical dowel as shown in the photo. Secure the
knot with tape. Take the end of your long piece of parachute cord that you
will use to fly the kite and tie it to the middle of the previous cord.

This is called a kite bridle.


Step Six:
Take your kite out and fly it! Enjoy 🙂

P.S… Like the idea? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear about your
kite adventures 🙂

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