Six Steps To Beautiful Hair: The Ultimate Moms Guide to Creating Hair Styles Girls Love*

With the new school year now in full swing, balancing homework,
after school activities and keeping your little princes beautiful curls
in great shape can be a challenge, even for the most organized mom.
But no worries. With advanced prep and some minimal effort my full-
proof tips for keeping her beautiful mane in great shape, are sure to
work. As an added bonus, these simple yet beautiful hairstyles are
perfect for almost any school age child regardless of hair length or
texture—and can be achieved in six easy steps.

First things first, your child’s hair has been through a lot this summer.
From chlorine in the swimming pool, salt water from the beach and
let’s not forget the sun, her hair will need a moment to rest and some
tender loving care. A slight trim will go a long way to  rid her hair of
some of the wear and tear and dead ends acquired during summer.
And let’s not forget a good deep conditioner, as it will restore her hair’s
moisture, PH balance and shine.

Getting it in great shape


Product recommendation: For girls of color we recommend: Shea
Moisture African Black soap or use your favorite conditioner or
masque for all types of hair.


Braids, Cornrows and Crochet Braids


Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.56.04 PM

Braids are the classic go to. They can go from a quick French braid,
to stylish cornrows or my favorite crochet braids. For the mom who
is pressed for time or the kid who is so active that they do not have
time to style their hair every day, go with resting and protective
braided hairstyles that look great and promote growth.


The Up Do


We often think of the up do for special occasions, but the up do goes
way beyond that.  I mean, what’s more special than the first day of
school? It’s also great for picture day, recitals, special school perfor-
mances, and more.  Dress up your Up Do with a bow, flowers or add
some braids and color.

Blowout and Flat Iron

Going straight makes our girls feel beautiful.  Something about their hair
down blowing in the wind makes them feel all grown up.  No worries mom,
this hairstyle doesn’t last forever.  Make sure to use a heat protector when
blowing out and flat ironing. a good one to try is the CHI44 Iron Guard
Thermal protection spray. find it at Walmart.

Keep it Curly


Go ahead and show off those beautiful curls.  It’s simple and its low
maintenance. To help enhance those beautiful locks, ‘Miss Jessie’s
Multicultural Curls’ is the perfect enhancer for keeping her beautiful
curls in great shape. This is especially great for our Multi-cultured
curly head cuties. find it at Target!

Bedtime Maintenance

To keep hair fresh, frizz free and have your style lasting longer use
a sleep cap designed for comfort and hair control.


Standard Cap
The All Curled Up Edge Control Hair Cap is made in the USA from
high-quality spandex to prevent frizz and breakage. The cap’s edge-
control headband keeps edges smooth, while the spandex pocket
protects hair and allows it to relax undisrupted for the ultimate level
of protection while promoting hair growth.

Sizes: Kid, Standard, Deep

Material: 100% Spandex

Depth: – Standard 15.0 inches or Deep
Band Height: 2.5 inches

Care: Hand wash.


Great for: sleeping, natural and relaxed hair, maintaining edges. Wear at
pre-school to protect hair from sand and diminish frizz, bad hair day or
just another look.

SLEEP CAP:  By All Curled Up Mobile Services.
To learn more be sure to contact All Curled Up Mobile Hair Services at

4 thoughts

  1. Over are the days of OUCHHH!!! I was always the type of mom that did my daughters’ hair. They both had very long and thick manes. This product looks to be able to help moms of all different races make the styling easier and no more ouching. Even though my days of doing their hair are long over I have nieces with very thick hair that is curly when wet and this looks like a good idea for them to try. Thanks Femedia!


    1. I am still in the OUCH stage with my 9 year old daughter. One of the things that help is to do a a pre-poo before the wash and a nice conditioner afterwards and finish it off with a leave in conditioner. So far we have not had anymore ouchies. 🙂


  2. I love my natural hair. However it’s important to understand you must care for it with lots of attention, love and care. Natural hair needs lots of water and moisturization. Thank you FMedia for sharing a great article for us natural hair lovers!!

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