“A Holderness Holiday: Fe-media chats with Kings of Family parodies”

By April French


Looking for a great way to kick off your holiday festivities? If you haven’t already heard of the Holderness family, you’re in for a real treat. Comprised of Penn, Kim, Lena and Penn Charles, the family’s funny antics have catapult them into the social media stratosphere.

It all started for them back in 2013. Kim says she just wanted to get the family Christmas photo done, but Lena 8, and Chris Penn 5, had other ideas. After several unsuccessful tries, Kim refused to accept defeat and had a brilliant idea. Instead of photos, she decided to video, adding matching PJ’s as Lena’s big  idea. Thus The “Xmas Jammies” was born, their first full length parody. It was so well received (viewed by 15 million people), that Penn realized they were on to something. Now fast forward two years later and 50 million views with parodies like “All About that Baste,” “Pass the Chardonnay Nae,” “Mommy and Daddy time,” “Hotline Bling” and two network specials— The Holderness’s are fast becoming the kings of family parodies.

Penn and Kim both have production experience. Penn a former news anchor, and Kim a former news reporter now run Green Room Productions, where they shoot, star, edit and release their highly addictive spoofs on everyday life with a musical twist. They now have over 150,000 YouTube subscribers as well as a large following on Facebook boasting over 200,000 followers.

When asked how the kids feel about how popular they’ve become, Penn explains that they don’t make a big deal about their view counts, but there are times when someone may approach them and say, ‘Hey, I love your videos,’ and he thinks the kids are pretty aware of it.  “The actual making of them, I think they look forward to,” Penn explains. “They do ask, ‘Hey, are we shooting videos today?’…. and we treat them like George Clooney,” he laughs. “We do all the ground work, like cameras and lighting and they literary walk in, do their scenes and walk out.”

With already one network special under their belt and  their second  premiering this Friday, November 27th on UP TV at 7 PM EST, “Christmas Jammy Jam” promises to be a spoofalicious comedic ride and the perfect way to kick off the holidays, packed with wholesome life lessons thrown in for good measure.

“This will be the first time we are doing a Christmas special,” Kim says. “And while I confess it’s weird to watch yourself on TV, it’s exciting, and the team at UP TV is exactly who we are. Pretty much fun, uplifting programming, which makes for a match made in heaven.”


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