Now Trending: The 10 Top Toys of 2016

Featuring some of the coolest and most innovative  toys come  this
Christmas— The NYC International Toy Fair is a premier destination
for toy makers, manufactures and inventors from all
over the world.
Wondering what toy will be at the top of every kid
list? Well, here are
our top 10 editor’s picks! Featuring incredible
new versions of some
old time favorites, amidst some the most innovative
new concepts
around— for kids of all ages.





Batman Voice Changing Mask: The super-hero loving kid on your list
is sure to go over the moon for this. This mask will not only have them
looking like their favorite masked avenger but sounding like him too.


Fisher-Price Code-a-Pillar: A simply brilliant idea! A perfect early intro-
duction to foundational  skills in coding, critical thinking, problem-solving
and sequencing (for kids as young as 3!), the Fisher-Price Code-a-Pillar
comes with a handful of independent pieces with different functions
that when connected in different orders makes the caterpillar move,
glow and make different noises in different ways. ($50.00)

Give your Star Wars loving kid the trill of  a life time with this life – size
BB-8! Shown by Spin Master, it sounds and looks exactly like the charac-
ter in the film, moves by controller and/or voice command and uses
light and sound sensors to detect movement. (179.00)




Totally decked out in smart technology the Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is
Wi-Fi ready,  connects with an app and boast voice recognition so kids
can talk directly to the home. (299.00)



Have an incredibly curious kid on your hands? Perfect for your imaginative
hard-to-please child the “OgoBild Animate Mobile’ builds on your child’s story
telling skills to create stop-motion animation perfect for your little Spillberg
to share his latest creation, on line and across various platforms.  ($35.00)


Take a look!

Science can be fun! And what better way to foster a love of the scientific than
through play. The guys at “Be Amazing Toys” company have created an easy
to build soda powered car kit perfect for the inquisitive young mind. For this
and other big ideas be sure to visit them at ….




From a pet roach to their own school of fish or perhaps your more sophisti-
cated robot, the “VEX IQ” robotic platform is designed to transform STEM
learning for young students and their teachers. To get a look at their com-
prehensive product line  (with all the nuts and bolts) and an additional
educational curriculum complete with tech support be sure to visit them at…





From the Razor, the next level of scooters and bikes is sure to be at the top
of their list!



We predict this new line of carry-ons will be all the rage. These fun character
tots will hit your favorite store come Fall 2015.
Courtesy of ‘Little Kids’ edible bubbles are finally here! They are not only fruity
delicious but smell like absolute heaven and come in 4 flavors. Find them at
Walgreens, Toys-r-us and Learning Express.


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