Parenting: Jo Frost Returns to the Small Screen With a New Reality TV Series Covering the Gamut— From Potty Training to Video Game Addiction

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 11.20.14 AMImagine, you are the mom of 3 kids all under 5 (and If that alone is not enough to frazzle you), add to the mix a hubby who’s often on the road—and the sad fact that you have yet not managed to connect with another adult in some sort of meaningful way in a new city. Because of their unpredictable behavior, you are afraid to travel with the little ones anywhere, (Yes, kids can do that), all of it, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, powerless and isolated, which in a ripple effect, affects the children who then become bored and begin to pick on each other. If any of this sounds remotely familiar, you would agree Jo Frost (known the world over as “Supernanny”) is a welcome re-addition to the small screen. In her new reality TV series “Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour,” she travels to a new city each week and works with one family that desperately needs her expertise. Before she arrives, she will monitor the family’s behavior from her mobile RV office, via surveillance cameras (which the family agrees to have placed throughout their home), and then through a combination of well-honed techniques, sincerity, love and humor, pinpoints each family’s challenges and gives parents practical tools that they can implement on their own.

In a clip from a recent episode, she meets the West family. Here she gets a closer look at their real-life everyday challenges.


“Jo Frost: Nanny On tour” airs Wednesdays at 10:00PM ET on UP TV

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