A Special Shout Out: Honoring Moms Without Mention (because you simply rock!)


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Women’s History Month was born as a week long celebration of women’s
contributions in Sonoma, California in 1978. A few years later, it caught
momentum as it made its way across the country. In 1980, President
Jimmy Carter issued the first presidential proclamation declaring the
week of March 8 as National Women’s History Week. The U.S. Congress
followed suit (the following year), passing a resolution establishing it as
a national celebration. Six years later, the National Women’s History
Project successfully petitioned Congress to expand the event to the
entire month of March.

Today, women from every walk of life are recognized globally many times
throughout the year, sometimes for even being a mom. AWESOME!!

While researching for a post on powerful women who are moms, I viewed
several popular news sites that publish lists of “most powerful moms.” They
were, of course, women executives at well known organizations. They talked
about making time for their children amidst their busy schedules, board
meetings and day-to-day activities. Some talked of leaving the office early to
make it home for dinner. I applaud these listed women for how they appear
committed to their role as mothers, in spite of their busy schedules. It also
made me think of all of the mom’s who will never make any published lists
to speak of, and who are just as worthy of acknowledgment.

Given that March is Women’s History month, I am taking a moment to
shout out the powerful moms without mention. Who are they, you ask?
Well you may be one of them.

Powerful Moms with out Mention (PMM’ers, not to be confused with
the PMS’ers)

1. The mom who works more than one job to provide her children with
….basic needs like shelter, clothing and food. While she didn’t envision
….her life this way, she is doing everything within her power to ensure
….that her children have a financially secure future.

2. The abused mom who fought her way to freedom to save her children
….from a continued life of strife and stress.

3. The stay at home mom, who chose to put their careers on hold to
….volunteer at school, act as  chaperones, host play dates and be there
….when her children get home from school.

4. The mom who despite experiencing hard times, finds the silver lining
….in life to keep her children inspired, motivated and optimistic.

5. The working mom who strives to maintain balance in her own life so
….that she can be fulfilled enough to give to her children and family.

6. The single mom, who never talks badly about her child’s father, but
….rather takes opportunity to find the good in him for the sake of
….her children.

7. The divorced mother who intentionally co-parents with her child’s
….father, regardless of any lingering negative emotions due to
….the separation.

8. The “sandwich” mom, who in addition to her motherly duties, is
….responsible for the care of elderly relatives; giving her last bit of
….energy to ensure their comfort and well being.

9. The grieving and giving mom, who lost a child and has decided to
….act as a motherly figure to those children without guidance or whose
….mother is unable to be present in their life.

10. The empty nester mom who has found herself rediscovering her life’s
……purpose in the absence of her children.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.46.56 AM

These women create balance, give hope, inspire growth and connect
communities. While most of them will never be named on CNN.com or
Forbes.com, or USA Today.com or any other frequently read publication,
they are responsible for the raising and nurturing of well adjusted and
contributing members of society. Many of these children will change
the world.

These powerful women without mention… they are magnificent, they
are NOT marginal and they are moms.

Let’s live wise and explore motherhood together.

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