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I’m not sure what part of the country you live in, but I’m in the
Boston area. If you haven’t heard, we’ve experienced what some
(including myself) are calling “snowmeggedon” – our worst win-
ter in recent history complete with the highest amount of snow
recorded for the area. In addition, it was cloudy and bone
chilling cold.

Well, the sun came out the other day and I was a little verklempt.
It felt like a lifetime of Sundays since the big yellow guy was
allowed to bless us with its presence. My next thoughts were
something of a blur, but went something like… “Oh, the sun…
more warmth… trees blooming… pollen… allergy season is
coming… I better beef up my workouts… there’s only a few more
months left before school is out… I haven’t signed the boys up for
camp yet…” Yep, the sun caused all of that. Not to worry though,
in the end, I ended up back at being grateful to see the sun again.


However, the encroaching and much welcomed spring season
made me think of a few things ought to get. I thought I’d share
just a few of them.

  1. Get Sprung. Spring is a great time for renewal. You don’t have
    to wait until December to think about things you want for you
    and your children to accomplish. After all we’re not even half
    way through the year, so anything you meant to start can be
    done now before the season of regret arrives (Nov – Dec).
  2. Get Air Freshener. I hate to say it, but with spring comes smellier
    children. Just the right amount of time outside produces, what I
    like to call “bodacious boy body odor”. It’s not nose friendly and
    will stop you in your tracks if you don’t implement preventative
    measures like air freshener, middle of the day wipe downs and
    deodorant. Save yourself.
  3. Get Cute. The New Year may have started out with a strong
    commitment to tofu, oats, grains, proteins and super foods. By
    now you may have transitioned to taffy, oreos, Go-gurt, pastries
    and super sized fries. Not to worry, there is time to save you and
    your children from caloric corruption. Recommit. This time, just
    be a little more realistic around what you are willing to give up.
    If you can’t get to the gym, I find that after dinner walks with
    my boys are a great way to get fit and get some family time in.
  4. Get Over It. I’m not talking about the death of a loved one or a
    terrible diagnosis. I’m talking about what you haven’t done, feel
    guilt about, are ruminating about, etc. Spring is coming for cry-
    ing out loud. The sun will be out like everyday and it will shine on
    you too. Be present in every moment of life and move forward
    with positive expectations for you your family. . .no matter how
    far gone they may seem.
  5. Get Going. Spring is a great reminder of the many amazing things
    the world has to offer. Whether it’s a drive to a local museum or
    a walk in the park; a hike through your favorite trail or a trip to
    a breathtaking landmark, there is much to see and do. You’re still
    here and your children are still curious. Show them.

Get sprung for Spring and enjoy it.

Let’s live wise and explore motherhood

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