Cool Stuff: ‘Little Passports’ invites kids to see the world like never before!


Here at Fe-media, we are always in for a good adventure! So, when we
stumbled upon the Little Passports travel service, we were absolutely
over the moon! The fun travel subscription invites kids to explore far
away places, unique cultures, and the history of people around the world
with fictional world trotters, Sam and Sofia. Setting the stage for brilliantly
curated mini-lessons in geography, each “voyage” is personalized and
filled with cool stickers, postcards and souvenirs from major landmarks
and places of interest. Available in monthly subscription packages, the
Little Passports experience is tailor-made for Early Explorers, ages 3-5
also featuring a World Edition package for kids 6-10, and a USA Edition
for kids 7-12, allowing kids of all ages to learn and play simultaneously!
We recently spent the day with Fe-Media friends Violet (age 5), Isaiah
(age 8)  and Jada (age 8) to test run some complementary gift packages
(courtesy of the folks at Little Passports). Take a look!



To learn more be sure to visit

5 thoughts

  1. ‘Little Passports’ is a great way to introduce a child to the world of traveling. The look on the adoring girls face when she saw her travel package was priceless. Fe-media continues to share the most creative and innovative ideas. Thank you for keeping us connected to media.


  2. Little Passports is so great on so many levels. Children can start thinking at an early age about getting a passport and travelling. It will help them think about life in other places. It will guide them to read more which is such a necessary element in learning. It is like getting a Christmas box filled with treasurers. It is an awesome product, one that I think every parent, guardian, grandparent should invest in for their children! Good Job Femedia bringing new and exciting ideas to the public!


  3. What a incredible idea and way for children to explore the world. As a child I had the chance to live many places until finally settling in the states at 16….I think this creates an amazing opportunity for children to learn and explore the world around them. This is definitely something I’m going to look to gift to my three younger children. Thank you Fe-Media for highlighting such a creatively ingenious service.

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  4. I am so excited about this. I am getting little passports as Christmas gifts for my 5 and 6 year old niece and nephew. Can’t wait to see their reaction.


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