Cool stuff: 3 Hours, 2 Kids And How eeBoo Toys Saved The Day.

Our two youngest daughters have become quite the entrepreneurs. Around the
house, it’s not unusual to bump into the occasional pup from a dog walking gig,
a visiting younger kid they might be baby sitting or to greet the occasional drop-
in boy or girl whose mom needs a bit of a break on a Saturday afternoon.

Luckily for me, it all creates tons of opportunities to test drive some of the best
and coolest toys in the market from the comfort of our home office. Not only
do I get to see how the kids interact with products in a totally relaxed atmosphere,
but I also get to see if my no-fail litmus ‘mommy test’ works. But more on that later…


Our latest find? Three awesome offerings from eeBoo toys.  A wonderful NYC based
company boasting an incredible line of educational toys and tools fostering creativity
and imaginative play for kids 0-8.

So when my little neighbors, Dash and Cora— decided to drop-in for a quick visit
last Saturday afternoon, I was super trilled! It allowed us to see the new products
in action.


For starters, they played a couple rounds of ‘Life on Earth’ dominoes. The colorful
and beautifully designed set boast super cute animal graphics in a heavy cardboard
construction making it nearly indestructible. A plus, especially when in the hands of
young school age kids.  Later, they really put their imaginations to work with a set
of lovely ‘Play masks’ also made in the same super durable cardboard material.
It was fun to watch Dash as the laser-sword wielding ‘Monsieur Dashel,’ as he tries
to save Queen Cora from an impending dinosaur attack :-). And later, we were all
giggles as the kids took turns figuring out what would ‘Ralph,’ the city raccoon eat!


Another big winner of the afternoon was the ‘Giant 48 piece Floor  Puzzle.’ According
to four year old Dash, the giant super size floor puzzle was tough, but he was up to
the challenge – spending the next 30 minutes (with ONLY one cookie and juice break
in between) trying to figure things out… Which brings me to our litmus test. When a
toy or activity truly engages the attention of children while re-enforcing key skills like
eye/hand coordination, sorting, counting, figure recognition while enhancing a child’s
natural curiosity- this constitutes a sure win.

So, did our haul from eeBoo pass the litmus test? As you probably already guessed,
a resounding YES!! And here’s additional proof: As we rapped things up and Dash
excitedly maneuvered to insert the last  piece of the puzzle in its place, he turned
to me and asked: “Can I have the puzzle when I’m finished?” To which I replied:
“Well of course Dash. Yes, you may. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” 🙂

To review their extensive toy catalog, be sure to visit eeBoo at:


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  1. Drum Role Please… We are happy to announce that Priscilla Camisa is the winner of our ‘EeBoo Rocks’ giveaway! Priscilla will receive a set of 7 fun masks perfect for pretend play (for kids 3 and up) as seen in our post. Congrats Priscilla!


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