Back-to-School 2018 (The teen edition)


Though now 14 and 16, my girls still get super excited about going back to school. For them, is mostly about the new stuff… Shopping for the perfect school bag, getting a cool pair of sneakers, reconnecting with classmates (the life-source of the teenage life)  And then there’s the business of school supplies… finding and gathering it all  without breaking the bank, which if you are anything like us, is a yearly  challenge for the mom and dad on a budget.


Traditionally at the end of each school year, we receive what I call ‘The List.’ In our neck of the woods, it’s considered the best away for teachers and students to get organized for the upcoming school year, and for moms and dads to gather up the necessary school supplies over the summer break. This year we did things differently.  Since our girls had summer jobs, we had them set aside a portion of their earnings for the cost of school supplies. A good break for us and a good lesson in the cost of supplies for them. This encouraged them to be mindful of every penny they spend, besides also understanding the differences between a ‘want’ and a ‘need,’ a concept not easily absorb by your average teenage mind.

Luckily for them, this year we completely nailed ‘The List,’ by visiting our local Staples store. Doing so allowed them to find every item on ‘The List,’ while stretching their dollars for those oh so important ‘wants’. As for me, while I must say the Staples inventory was absolutely bar-none, It was the convenience of finding it all within budget and under one umbrella that made this one happy mama!


Mom tip:
Encourage your teens to save by matching the amount of money they’ve socked away. They’ll love it. My girls were excited to save as much as possible in anticipation of  their dollars being doubled—a good deal for us and a better deal for them 🙂

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