Get Organized: With this perfect DIY (just in time for back-to-school)

We can all use some help getting and staying organized. Personally, as a wife, mom and entrepreneur, I can use all the help that I can get! Having the right tools is always the best way to stay on top of things and with back to school now in full swing it’s best to start now!
As a way of staying organized, I created a command center out of items found at my local craft store. Though designed for kids, this organizational tool can be very simply customized to fit your needs and be of great use anywhere around the house.

Gather the supplies needed and in just a few short hours you will be ready to conquer anything  with your new organized self 😉

1. Remove the glass and paint the photo frame and cork front white. Choose another color to better suit your decor or cover in stickers, Mod Podge fabric or craft paper on your frame to go with any theme. Let the paint dry before proceeding.


2. Cover the back of the cork panel with Mod Podge using a foam brush. Apply another layer to the front of the wood board. Place the cork on top of the wood craft board with the glue sides together. Allow to dry as recommended on the package. It helps to lay books or a heavy object across the top to secure the cork to the board and keep it from curling.


3. Assemble the frame back together, insert the Calendar Template Printable supplied (You may need to tape the paper in place so it does not shift in the frame). Remove the stand on the back of the frame with pliers. Lay the frame face down with the cork board face down overlapping the frame approximately 3″.  Secure the cork board to the frame with 2 wood screws on each side as shown. *Make sure the wood screws are not too long or they will poke through the front of your frame!* Next add two hangers at the top on each side of the frame.


4. Place the Command Hooks at the bottom of the cork board, these will be used to hold the buckets with pens and other light weight loose objects.


5. Fill out some activities on your calendar, hang and get ready to be organized and on top of your daily and weekly “to-dos”!


**Below is the printable to be printed and used inside the photo frame**MyWeek_FEMEDIA_Prinatable-01

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