Bio-Kidz: A Gentle New Probiotic (Just for Kids!) – Might be Just What the Doctor Ordered


As every mom knows, back to school marks the beginning of the unofficial bug and flu season. As kids interact at school or on the playground, their immune systems are exposed to every imaginable thing under the sun. So when I learned of Bio-K+’s new line of probiotics just for kids, i was simply over the moon! Earlier on, after learning  the important connections between a healthy gut and immune system I became an avid user and raved to family friends about Bio-K+’s many benefits. But now with its new formula, not only can I improve and protect my kid’s intestinal health, (which translates to less tummy and head aches), but I can certainly stay ahead of the curb in protecting their immune systems from colds and the flu – a win win for us all!


Here’s what you should know about Bio-K+’s Bio-Kidz:

  • The unique formula is fully patented and gluten-free
  • Bio-Kidz supports intestinal flora health and natural defenses
    The easy to drink one shot portions are yummy delicious and come in strawberry & vanilla
  • The 12.5 billion active culture per bottle (half of the adult portion) makes it safe for daily consumption for any child able to drink or sip through a straw.




Want to win your very own strawberry or Vanilla trail case? To do so, Simply enter the hashtag #Bio-Kidzplease in the comment section below for a chance to win. A winner will be selected and announced today! (Wednesday September 14th at 8:00PM EST) So be sure to get in on the fun!


5 thoughts

    1. Hi queenb1brown! We are excited to announce that you are the winner of our Bio-Kidz giveaway! To claim your trail case in a delicious vanilla or strawberry flavor, please be sure to inbox us at to claim your prize. Congratulations!


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