Bracelets & Ribbon Ties: Fashion & Function in a Surprising Place

When Baby Dude was born, Jenny, who writes the blog A Son in College, a Daughter in Diapers, inspired me to wear a bracelet to use to keep track of which side to nurse from next. When I breastfed Baby Dude I wore a few different bracelets: black beaded ones, a chunky wooden bracelet, and silver cuffs with turquoise and rhinestones.

My breastfeeding bracelets. The two silver cuffs on the left belonged to my grandmother.

I continued this tradition when Baby Dos was born. I even packed in my hospital bag a multicolored bracelet I bought at a ramp festival the previous summer while pregnant with Baby Dos, and wore it during my hospital stay and beyond.

Multicolored bracelet

This does entail I have to remember to put the bracelet on in the morning and switch wrists after each feeding, but for the most part it’s a system that works.

Then, for my birthday this year, when Baby Dos was almost four months old, Jenny gave me ribbon hair ties from Old Navy in neutral colors. They are great in your hair, but she showed how fantastic they are around your wrist. I have since started wearing them instead of bracelets to track sides. I love them so much I bought two packages of Goody ones from Target and now have a little collection.

The ribbon hair ties work better for me than bracelets for several reasons. I usually don’t wear bracelets at all during winter because I don’t like how they feel under long sleeves. I find a bracelet clunky and distracting when I’m typing on the computer. These ribbon elastics are comfortable under sweaters and on the keyboard. Baby Dos has yet to grab one of the ribbons, while bracelets are easier for tiny fingers to seize and break. Ribbon wrist bands are terrific to wear with pajamas too, because who wants to wear a bracelet with pjs? It’s a step up from wearing a rubber band (which I used to do at night), and much more conducive to sleep.

Along with being so functional, the ribbon bracelets are stylish and fun. They are available in so many great colors and patterns! I have a houndstooth one I love, so 80s!

houndstooth wristband

I also love this navy band with silver polka dots.

Navu silver polka dots wristband

Of course, you don’t have to be a nursing momma to wear these, and they make great gifts or stocking stuffers whether worn in a ponytail or around the wrist (or both!). These haven’t put my bracelets out of commission, but they’re a useful and stylish alternative that I highly recommend.


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